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Every one hate bugs! Everyone knows us as the experts in bed bug treatments, but we take care of other pests that also make people look for an exterminator in Newark NJ. That’s why you’ll like to know that, no matter the type of common pest problem you’re dealing with, we have a solution! Just call us and we’ll offer a FREE quote for the specific pest control solution you need!

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While this wasn’t a big issue some years ago, “bed bug Newark Nj” has become a topic of public interest. Bed bugs are spreading all over the country and they’ll discretely invade your spaces without being very obvious about it at first… until you become their food source and urgently begin looking for a bed bug removal service.

We’re happy to tell you that our ultra-effective protocol permanently kills bed bugs and has been decisively helping to solve the Philadelphia bed bug problem that the city is facing. Unlike other commercial pest control services that present very high bed bug extermination costs, we have a policy of making our Eco-friendly bed bug heat treatmentconventional treatmentcryonite treatment and steam treatment reasonably priced and accessible to anyone who needs it.


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A successful rodent control program includes a combination of baiting and trapping for the highest rate of success.

Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with any pest control problem you are facing. Please give us a call and we will answer any pest questions you may have.

Do you suspect wasp in your home and need a wasp removal service . “here are some 400 species of wasps in North America. However, paper wasps, yellow jacket wasps, bald-faced hornets, and cicada-killer wasps are the most common.

Bed bugs are a nightmare, but a qualified professional can help you kick them out of your home for good. The cost of bed bug extermination varies based on your infestation level.

We are specialists in controlling ants, spiders, cockroaches, rats, mice. If You call before 1pm we can even see you same day. Get rid of fleas same day 


 For termite treatments or a free termite inspection please contact us your local pest exterminator


I am so happy to have found a pest control company that is not only professional and kind but also very affordable. My technician was amazing! I can't believe how much better my home feels since we've started using this service no more fleas .
Donald Hunter
They were very professional, efficient and responsive. It was easy to book an appointment here. On initial treatment my pest problem was gone, which was a great relief. Thanks to their great service!
Mike Hughes
It was a great pleasure to have them for my pest control needs. They gave quality, timely and reasonably priced services with a smile. Highly recommended!!

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